dicas para conquistar um homem

Men do not like the coquette

To have many male friends, it does not matter for women because it is their rights but they must be able to distinguish their attitudes toward male friends and their beloved. Men are jealous and they can not withstand if they look their beloved with another man in a long time. We can learn about what men want in OndeEuErrei.com. Usually, they do not want to date a coquette because for them it is difficult to understand. Maybe, as a woman, we could be nice to our friends including to male friends but we have to restrict the kindness. Sometimes, we forget if we had committed with one man and we can not be free to another man like before. We should not be a coquette because it is not a good thing. Not only our man but many women also dislike with coquette. For women, coquette is the destroyer of relationship and untrustworthy. Coquette can not establish good relationships with one man because they were always there with another man. So, this is very annoying either for men or women.

Coquette often used by bad men to jealousy their ex. Therefore, as a woman, we have to know our position and can control our attitude. If we can control it, we will be easier to approach men because they know who we are. Maybe, we will also be easier to run our relationship if we can control our attitude. Only a few women that can control it because they are not easy to follow others. They have their own opinion about how to get along good or how to behave with others. These women are also not easy to receive love from man because they will consider it before they accept it. Usually, if they can not get the ideal man, they will not be in a relationship with another man because it will only be in vain and wasting their time.