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Double Glazing Zone – Get quotes for windows – There are so many glasses in our house such as the window glass and the mirror glass, cleaning the window glass in the house also requires the right materials and tricks so the glass will be clean and comfortable to be used.

The glass cleaning materials

There are several natural materials that you can use for cleaning the glass effectively, such as :

1. White vinegar

This vinegar liquid can be used for cleaning various stains such as the dust stain, fat stain, and other stains that stick on the glass surface. It’s very easy to use. You just need to mix this vinegar with some warm water and then use it to clean your window. It is very simple.

2. Lemon juice

Just like the vinegar, the lemon also has the acid liquid that could remove the stain. You can mix the lemon juice with some warm water then spray it to the glass that’s you’re going to clean, it’s guaranteed that the stains on the glass will be gone immediately.

3. Alcohol

Mix the 70% alcohol with the adequate amount of water then spray it to the crusty glass. Rub the stain until it’s gone then wipe it until it’s clean completely. Then the glass will be clean just like it used to be.

Tips to clean the glass

1. Use the wiping cloth

First, prepare the glass cleaning tools, you can use the clean cloth or a squeegee to wipe the glass.

2. Use the right cleaner

Spray the cleaner well. It will clean the stains completely.

3. Clean the both sides well

For the window glass, it’s recommended for you to clean the both sides. Watch the detail carefully whether there is still any stain or not.

4. Wipe the glass until it’s dry

This should be done in order to prevent the dust stains or other stains from sticking temporarily on the glass or the mirror.