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The common complications after a breast augmentation surgery

There are so many women who feel difficult to be confident due to their small breast. Some of them try the natural way to increase their own breast size, however, the fastest result could only be achieved by the plastic surgery called breast augmentation. It has the best and fastest result to enlarge the size of the woman breast. However, there are still several complications of this surgery that you need to know.

If you’re planning to get yourself a new pair of beautiful breast, you can visit the http://www.drstephenmiller.com/. Here are several complications after a breast augmentation surgery :

1. Infection or bleeding after surgery.

2. There will be a scar.

3. The tissue among the scar implant would shrink.

4. The implant is divided in two.

5. The implant is crumpled or folded.

6. Temporary sensation of change and permanent for the nipple.

In several cases, some women need to do several more surgery in order to solve other complications.