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Fat Transfer, Safe Way To Beautify Your Face

Want to have a face unbiased and breasts that look bigger? If it is desired, you can get it with fat transfer plastic surgeon michigan surgery or fat transfer. This method is believed to be much safer than surgery silicone implants. You can perform this operation safely in our plastic surgeon Michigan.

Fat transfer surgery is safe because it uses parts of his own body fat. His scar was very small, just a point of injection. If the silicone breast implants can leave scars up to 4-5 centimeters. For this technique of fat transfer, fat is derived from fat located under the skin, instead of fat in the blood. Results symposium fat transfer newly attended in Taiwan, making fat can be of the thigh and waist. Fats will then be transferred to the face and chest. Regarding the quantity of fat removal, for parts of the face usually, reaches a maximum of 50 ccs. Then in the breast, usually up to 200 ccs.