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The new and strategic apartment in Tanah Merah Singapore

Tanah Merah, Singapore offers many business and career opportunities. It’s one of the busiest business districts in Singapore. There are some places that often to be visited by many people around Singapore, such as the Tampines Points, IKEA, and there is also a new mall in Tanah Merah that will be completed in 2019 as well. However, if you’re visiting the Tanah Merah often in one year due to your business or job, it’s such as waste that if you have to spend more money in the transportation and gas. It will be a very good idea if you’re buying a condo in Tanah Merah. It’s the grandeur park residences, the best choice of a condo in Tanah Merah Singapore.

If you buy this condo, you don’t have to waste more money on the transportation and fuel cost. Near this condo, there are a lot of places in Tanah Merah that close to the grandeur park, such as the Singapore Expo and Century Square, and also the places that we’ve mentioned above. When you live in the grandeur condo, you just need to drive for a few short minutes to reach those destinations. It will be more cost and time efficient for you who have a business or a job in Tanah Merah.

Furthermore, just like what we’ve mentioned above, there is one more mall that’s currently being built near the condo, and it will be completed in 2019. There are also many facilities in the condo as well, such as BBQ spot, children’s recreational area, gyms, yoga decks, swimming pools and much more. Remember that the condo is limited, you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to have such a great condo in the middle of Tanah Merah. The prices could go up in the next few months as well. Buy the condo now, for the best choice of a condo in Tanah Merah Singapore.